Digital Studies Final Project: The sounds of the Internet

For my final project for digital studies I decided to write some music. I wasn’t sure exactly how much to write or what to write about but I wanted to keep 2 things in mind while I was working on this project: I wanted to make up for some of the work I turned in late by doing something big, but at the same time I tried that in a different class and it didn’t go well. So I wanted to do something big but I also wanted to do something small and manageable, then the answer hit me like a beat drop: Microsongs.

Now I should preface by saying micro songs are not my original idea, they are a product of the internet, a creation original found on YouTube, and a way to convey a feeling or concept in a short string of notes and chords, I thought this was a perfect way to encapsulate the internet so I decided to create some micro songs, that could highlight or better express some of the things I feel while I’m on the internet (i tried to keep it positive since i think we’ve had enough doom and gloom for a lift time [and because the application i used is generally very major sounding.] to spice things up a little I used a web application called Chrome music Labs and then I converted those into songs using Musescore.

In another digital class I attempted to write 3 full length songs in about as many weeks, which was a big mistake and i ended up with 2 almost songs, so as to not bite off more than i can chew I decided to just make 6 micro songs around 30 seconds-1 minute each. some came out longer because i really like the direction they were going in and some came out shorter, because it was really just a single motif that I was working with each time. I started of with ideation because i didn’t want to get stuck in the middle trying to come up with song ideas.

I didn’t stick with all of these concepts they were just ideas to get me started incase I got stuck, but I found it incredibly simple to get started making melodies on chrome labs. From their taking it over to muse score was a little more time consuming, first I had to decide if i would use the same instruments as were available in chrome labs, then I had to decide how I would change up the music so it was just a one line melody, finally I had to adjust the Key and the tempo to where I needed it around the 4th song I started to run out of ideas. there’s a limit to what you can do in chrome labs after alll, so I had to come up with different concepts for the pieces different rhythms, and so on, and I was left with these 6 original (micro) songs and 6 concepts.

the chrome labs concept of the first song
The musescore which i’m calling Touch Grass.

I really liked the Vibe I got from this first one, but it was also the most time consuming one I wrote I believe. I wanted to try and capture the feeling of getting outside after being cooped up so long

the chrome labs concept for the second song
The Musescore Version of the song Untitled

I am not sure why this one is displaying 1 minute 4 seconds its only around 35 seconds. anyway I enjoyed the vibe I got from this one initially but i felt it got a little sloppy towards the end, im excited to go back in and clean it up on my own time.

the chrome labs concept for the third song
the Muse score version for the third song Gamers

again im not sure why this one is displaying such a long time its only around 15 seconds.

the chrome labs concept for the fourth song
The muse score version of the fourth song Hills

Hills was something I was thinking of while i was working on touch grass, i was picking up a similar feel from these 2 songs and I thought it might be a good idea to merge their concepts but I didn’t want to get caught up in the one song and neglect the others.

the chrome labs concept for the fifth song
The muse score version of the fifth song the Interweb Waltz

I wanted to do at least 1 waltz/dance song because I feel like they have played a big role in my experiences with music and also because the internet loves dance crazes.

The musescore version of the sixth song Decent to Heaven

This was another one that I am very excited to work on outside of class, I felt like there was something i couldn’t quite capture with the instruments I used, and the sound wasn’t balanced very well, but i think it has a lot of potential.

So those were the 6 micro songs I worked on for this class, In other classes I also worked on some music and I would like to develop these pieces some more and combine them into an Album/mixtape/ep. I would say the development of this project is my goal for 2022, and I hope to submit it as part of my portfolio for Grad school. I’d also like the share the other pieces i’ve worked on

Untitled Concept 1
Untitled concept 2
Untitled Concept 3
What was missing

I think over the course of the semester I’ve developed a much closer relationship with music and I hope that my love for the craft continues to grow.

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