Weekly Summary 5

I would say this week has been the toughest week thus far. I imagine that if this trend continues I wont be able to get through the semester, let alone the school year. If I had to guess I would say I’m behind in most of my classes, but more importantly my mental and physical health is suffering so I’m going to make an executive decision and reset this week. I may fall behind, but if I can use this weekend to get myself back on track in all my classes and potentially get ahead for the weeks to come then I can use the next 10 weeks to recover from the first 5, and catch up on anything I’ve already missed. I’ve only completed approximately half of this weeks assignments and I’m still missing a couple from previous weeks, but hopefully I will FINALLY be able to get everything sorted out starting tomorrow with decent sleep and some good music. See you all next week in the prosperous future. God Bless.

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