Audio Assignments:3’s A band

I decided to make an audio assignment because I noticed there was a considerable lack of composition based audio assignments in the assignment bank. I certainly Plan on adding more audio assignments, and I’ll try to add tutorials for all of them.

For this Audio Assignment you’ll use any composition software (muse score, finale, etc.) and you’ll make an orchestrated piece of music using exactly 3 instruments. You can have multiple parts for 1 instrument but you must have exactly 3 instruments in use, no more or less.

I will now give an example of a piece I did in about 30 minutes and one I did over the course of a week and I’m still working on for another class. The first piece is based on Fragile Dream by Joe Hasashi, but uses saxophone, oboe and clarinet. the piece is less than 20 measures long but I could have continued it by repeating the sections of the piece or moving the melody from one instrument to another. I made this one to demonstrate what could be done with little effort.

This next one is piece I’m working on for my composition class, one that I’ve been dealing with for multiple weeks, that I’ve invested a lot of time in. This piece is a lot less complex looking but tells much more of a story than the piece I worked on for 30 minutes.

These are two examples of how you can complete this assignment.

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