Audio Assignment: Make Your Own Mixtape

This week, in preparation for our music based radio show, I prepared a mixtape which we will go further in depth on in the show itself. This playlist contains a number of songs that I listen to while taking part in one of the most important activities in my life: cooking. Cooking is something I do almost every day and it is very important to who I am as a person. Music is also a very important part of who I am, so it makes sense that the two would intersect. This playlist consists of songs that I listen to while I cook.

Playlist consisting of 15 songs I listen to while I cook.

I have a diverse taste in music which is reflected in the music I listen to. I enjoy having songs I can sing along to or dance along to when I’m cooking without having to put much thought into it. I’m the kind of person who is constantly analyzing and dissecting song lyrics, so when I’m cooking I prefer songs that I’m very familiar with or songs in languages I don’t understand so that I’m not preoccupied dissecting the lyrics (although I do sometimes end up analyzing the chords and rhythms instead).

I will be going further in depth into this playlist and these songs in the radio show, until then I highly recommend looking into these songs and artists.

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