Audio Assignment: Chrome Labs

This is another assignment that I thought would be fun for future generations of this class to participate in. There is a program available on the internet called chrome labs, which has a plethora of music based applications including beat makers and melody makers etc. For this assignment you will need to use the maximum number of bars available, (I forget whether the maximum number is 16, 18 or 20 but I believe the assignment says 20) to create a song in the application. Those are the only rules. The song can be something you’ve heard before reimagine with the limited midi applications available through chrome labs or the song can be something you meticulously worked to arrange for wood winds, the sky is the limit. I figure that most students wont want to submit something they didnt care about and the applications are fun to interact with so less rules is better. I think Ill take some time to think up some other assignments using the Chrome labs applications, I think there are some collaborative assignments that would be interesting especially given the online nature of this course.

This is a full composition on chrome labs, just under half a minute on the default tempo although If I had made this slower we would have ended up with a completely different piece, one that almost sounds like a true experiment in sound.

These are some things to keep in mind when creating your piece.

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