Weekly Summary 2

Welp, I think I can file this week under “happy accidents”. I made the decision to catch up on my week 1 assignments this week and In doing so missed out on a number of really cool assignments for week 2, which will probably impact my grade (but then I’m here more for the experience than the grade.) I spent most of the week battling the weather trying to get my internet stable enough to upload a post, and then I went through the week 1 assignments and set up my blog and all that. In hindsight it would have probably served me better to complete the daily creates and complete the 3 larger assignments from the assignment pool so I didn’t have 2 weeks of late assignments rather than 1, but hey, you live and you let die (this was my malaphor for this weeks daily create combining “live and learn” and “live and let die”…. now that I think about it not much of a malaphor, more of a grammar mistake “happy accident”). I actually did go through and complete some of the daily creates and I’ll make a post compiling them all this weekend along with post for the 3 assignments. With all of that completed I’ll be caught up by Monday, which is good because this isn’t the only class I added at the last minute, and I need to make sure I’m on top of that work as well. Hopefully the Blog and everything Is set up correctly.

These are the posts I completed this Week.

http://akooart.com/digital-story-telling-ds106/what-kind-of-artist/ http://akooart.com/digital-story-telling-ds106/goals-for-ds106/ https://akooart.com/digital-story-telling-ds106/the-joy-of-ds106/ https://akooart.com/digital-story-telling-ds106/week-1-summary/

And I am just now realizing I never uploaded my introduction Post. So that will also be going up this week end. I am excited to become a contributing member of the community very soon. Onto week 3!

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