Week 14 Summary and Class Reflection

Tough week, tough semester, tough year. Its difficult for me to put my feelings into words, and I think that this tends to cause me more suffering so I am really gonna try and vocalize them this time. The final project for this class brought out a lot of feelings for me, both positive and negative; it was exciting to work with more digital media, it was painful having to reassess my past and my experiences with art and music, it was difficult trying to do everything i wanted to do in just a few weeks. But at the end of the day I survived and I had a lot of fun, and I suppose the same could be said for this class; I enjoyed the assignments I enjoyed getting to experience different teaching and learning methods, but it was also difficult for me to balance the workload, especially after starting late in the first week, and I found it difficult to keep track of the weekly assignments. With all of the online classes I was taking this semester every professor had a different way of keeping in touch, and a different way for us to submit our assignments, and it was hard to go back and forth from canvas, to discord, to slack, to UMW domains to email. and online textbooks.

Above all else I think it is amazing what we have accomplished in this class. As I said in my final project post, with the world in the place that it is I think everyone in this class deserves an A just for trying and making it this far. and this is not a ploy to improve my grade in the class. Ok maybe a little, but mostly I am astounded by what we have done. On a personal level I think I set my expectations for myself too high. both in the semester and in the final. I tried to rush through things, and took more classes than I could handle in my current situation, in the last couple days I worked so hard my keyboard literally stopped functioning, and with the final project I tried to make up for it by doing more than was feasible for me at this time, but I’ve learned a lot from all of this and I think I’ve grown. I hope you all had a great time in this course and I wish you the best of luck moving forward.


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