Week 13: Final Project Status Report

For my final project I would like to do a combination visual and audio assignment. The premise of the project is basically to create portraits and accompanying music in order to tell a story without words. I plan to make a series of digital paintings and musical compositions and pairing them to create different stories, which I may explain further if I feel context is need, however part of the fun of a story is the different ways in which it is interpreted. This is a massive project to complete in 3 weeks so I will be giving myself a handicap. To start I will render a painting I have already done using digital software; since I have basically no experience with rendering with digital media I think this will be quite the challenge. I will also be pairing this piece with a song I’ve already been working on for some time; the song took inspiration from this portrait so I think it is quite fitting.

Ink portrait entitled One Last Hit
A musical composition for sting quartet entitled What Was Missing

The piece isn’t finished yet, so I’ll be spending some time on that, and I have quite a lot about the portrait that I would like to change as well, including the hand the neck area and some areas of the face. If this portrait goes well I will be working on 2 more which will have their own set of music attached to them. I’ve already begun working on these songs although they are not in a place to share them at the moment.

I am aware that life comes at you fast and its possible my plans will change going forward, either because things don’t go well or because I no longer like the idea. If this happens I will leave it at 1 painting, however I will be animating the portrait which should take about as long as rendering multiple portraits, and may require me to become familiar with software I do not currently use. Either way I think it will be to my benefit. If for whatever reason this project goes very well and I finish the all 3 portraits in a week I’ll go ahead and do 5 (total) and just post all the ones that I finish. This is something I have been thinking about for a while and I am excited to start working on this project. I hope to use this as an opportunity to complete some of the work I’ve missed as well.

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