Visual Assignment: Poetry Art

For this assignment I Wanted to use the Poem Parody I wrote last week as inspiration for the art I made this week. Really I just took an image of some lemon ricotta pancakes I made, then blurred the image behind my poem, and this is the finished result:

Poem Parody:Stopping by IHop on a Snowy Evening Poem Parody:Stopping by IHop on a Snowy Evening Whose Cakes these are? of sweetened dough.    His house is internationally known;    He will leave the ketchup here    and watch me fill my mouth with Potatoes.    My family must think it queer    To eat my pancakes with root beer  But If they’re serving it to me  I can’t be blamed for what happens here   I give my waiter a fat tip    Because the service industries a rip  The only way to make some dough Is sueing IHOP for a broken hip   The meal was lovely, fast and cheap    Now time to get back in the jeep There’s miles to go before we sleep    and many other meals to eat.

This assignment was really light and enjoyable, much like the pancakes, and I got a laugh out of revisiting this post so all in all I liked this one, I would definitely revisit this assignment.

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