Visual Assignment: Looking at Yourself

My freshman year of UMW I was in design principals (Arts105) and we did a self portrait project where we took a black and white photo of ourselves and then turned it into a piece using two colors on the color wheel in different tones. I chose an image with high contrast and turned it into this painting:

I really liked this piece because I thought It told a good story. It exemplifies how America sees, and how it treats people of color. But I had a different image that I wanted to use and never got the chance ( I can’t remember if it was because of the violent nature of the picture of if the contrast wasn’t high enough). Sadly I lost that picture because I also destroyed my phone freshman year ( by dropping off the balcony of the UC).

I decided to recreate that image for this project because I thought it was a very good concept, and I would like to elaborate on it further when I have more time and can really go in depth on the piece. Trigger warning Violence: the Piece depicts me, apparently deceased or unconscious with a saw placed firmly on my neck, in the action of decapitating me. I thought the piece would have a lot of deeper meaning, but I’ll elaborate on that more when I work on that piece.

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