Visual Assignment: Camp Poster

I never had the chance to go to a summer camp as a kid. My parents worked pretty hard to shelter us from the dangers of the outside world. Now that I’m an adult myself I can understand that they were concerned for my safety and well being, especially being a Black kid with all the terrible things you hear about happening to other children of color. With all that being said, I would have really enjoyed going to a music and arts class when I was young so I could hone my skills and dive deeper into my interests, since I only really got the opportunity to explore these interests seriously in my last few years of high school. This is the poster I made for the imaginary music and arts camp that I went to when I was a kid

Music And Art Camp Music And Art Camp

I learned a lot while making this poster, Such as the fact that colors look different on the texture of skin than they do on matte, or the fact that when you flip and image the image will not nessacarilly be symmetrical and even with the original image, which is annoying, but I still enjoyed making this poster.

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