Visual Assignment: 4 Lines 5 Dots 1 Curve

As an artist, I’m always struggling to find inspiration to create, and when I do find inspiration I always want to do these 40 day project that are entirely unthinkable given my time and resources. We live in a time and a space where we literally can’t slow down, life moves at a million miles per hour, with no rest stops, no time to morn lost time, no time to contemplate what’s coming up next on the road and no end in sight. This particular project was an opportunity to produce alot of small piece very quickly, but I wanted to just slow down and really focus on the point of this assignment: what can you create with just a few lines a couple dots and a single curve. The answer that came to me is the essence of humanity. I created a piece that reflected who I am as a person, stripped bare of all of things that make me an “individual”. In this piece I experienced detachment and truly began to understand the teachings of the Buddha. For the first time I understood that their is no self, at the end of the day we’re all just people, but even our flesh and bones are an illusion, we are energy floating in the fa├žade of reality vibrating insentiently, suffering immensely, the only solution is cessation and yet we beg for only more movement, because life is movement life is tumbling down the hill of mortality and hitting every rock, and we’ve convinced ourselves that this is what we want, that this is what we need. This week I was happy to take a break, and truly see myself for who I am.

Self Portrait 1, 5 dots, 4 lines, 1 curve

I was mostly kidding about the above post but I was serious about wanting to get to the root of the assignment, and I think that was telling a story with an image. The image is blank but most people would recognize it as a person and I think each person would come to a different conclusion as to the meaning of the piece if not for the paragraph above. They create their own story. Their Is a story behind this piece, and I added some things which I think serve as clues, but I don’t want to discuss it just yet, instead, to whomever may be reading this, please comment with what you think the true meaning of this piece is. Thank you for reading.

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