For this particular assignment, because I had been doing a lot of photography for the week I wanted to challenge myself to complete all the prompts with a single image ( I know this is probably against the rules but I did it anyway). So these were my prompts

And this is the image I made

Going in order form top of the prompt list to bottom there is Contrast: Dumbbells’ signify strength while the book signifies academia or intelligence. Next is the theme of 3, and there are 3 objects in the image. Next is something loud, which can be taken literally or metaphorically, weights are loud especially when theyre dropped, as are books, but one could also say that other peoples expectations are loud and imposing. Next is single color emphasis, the colors are all grey, even without the black and white filter the mat the weights are sitting on, the matt and the book are all grey. this next one is the only one I couldn’t accomplish without failing in my self impose mission, since I can’t get close up and still demonstrate 3, or juxtapose different objects. any way, for the last 2, telling a story and a black and white image, the dumbbells’ and the book tell the story of my room, because my room has been everything to me since this pandemic started. it has been my school, my gym, my safe place, and my worst nightmare.

I quite liked this challenge I gave myself, and even If I’m marked down for it I would do it again.

One thought on “PhotoBlitz

  1. Interesting. Your approach subverts the challenge of the assignment and replaces it with a different storytelling challenge. It’s unexpected, but I can’t say a creative approach is ever wrong.

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