Audio Assignment: Make Your Own Mixtape

This week, in preparation for our music based radio show, I prepared a mixtape which we will go further in depth on in the show itself. This playlist contains a number of songs that I listen to while taking part in one of the most important activities in my life: cooking. Cooking is something I… Continue reading Audio Assignment: Make Your Own Mixtape

Audio Assignment: Chrome Labs

This is another assignment that I thought would be fun for future generations of this class to participate in. There is a program available on the internet called chrome labs, which has a plethora of music based applications including beat makers and melody makers etc. For this assignment you will need to use the maximum… Continue reading Audio Assignment: Chrome Labs

Audio Assignments:3’s A band

I decided to make an audio assignment because I noticed there was a considerable lack of composition based audio assignments in the assignment bank. I certainly Plan on adding more audio assignments, and I’ll try to add tutorials for all of them. For this Audio Assignment you’ll use any composition software (muse score, finale, etc.)… Continue reading Audio Assignments:3’s A band


For this particular assignment, because I had been doing a lot of photography for the week I wanted to challenge myself to complete all the prompts with a single image ( I know this is probably against the rules but I did it anyway). So these were my prompts And this is the image I… Continue reading PhotoBlitz

Visual Assignment: 4 Lines 5 Dots 1 Curve

As an artist, I’m always struggling to find inspiration to create, and when I do find inspiration I always want to do these 40 day project that are entirely unthinkable given my time and resources. We live in a time and a space where we literally can’t slow down, life moves at a million miles… Continue reading Visual Assignment: 4 Lines 5 Dots 1 Curve

Visual Assignment: Looking at Yourself

My freshman year of UMW I was in design principals (Arts105) and we did a self portrait project where we took a black and white photo of ourselves and then turned it into a piece using two colors on the color wheel in different tones. I chose an image with high contrast and turned it… Continue reading Visual Assignment: Looking at Yourself